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El Universal

Article on El Universal Newspaper Mexico City

Corriere della Sera

TOP 10 Glamping Hotels according to Italy´s best newspaper Corriere della Sera.

USA Today

Article on USA Today

Silverkris of Singapore Airlines

Top 10 Glamping Destinations in the world according to Singapore Airlines Magazine.

Mexico Desconocido

The TOP 5 Glamping Hotels in Mexico according to Mexico´s best travel magazine.

Trivago Germany

TOP 6 Glamping Hotels according to Room 5 Germany; Trivago´s official magazine


Top 6 Glamping Hotels according to Trivago Germany

Trivago Mexico

Top 5 Glamping Hotels In Mexico according to Trivago México

Estilo DF

Glamping Article in Estilo DF´s Magazine

El Universal Mexico

Pressed article in Universal Newspaper Mexico

The Happening

TOP 5 Glamping Destinations according to The Happening Mag Mexico

Trivago MX 2

Continuation of Trivago Mexico´s article

Trivago MX 3

Part 3 of Trivago Mexico´s Article.

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